Oui, Three Queens Productions

M”You’re Pretty…We’ll Make You Flawless!”

Makeup Artistry
Skin Care &
Fantasy & FX
Book an Apointment! Fantasy & Fx Portfolio

Theatrical  and Photo Makeup

makeup application for stage

and photography                                       $75 & up* **

Fantasy, FX & Prosthetics

makeup application creating fantasy,

airbrush, special fx and  

prosthetics designs                                   $125 & up * **

Body Makeup

makeup application to the body

creating an entire look traditional

and airbrush applications                       $150 & up * **

Cross Gender Transformation

transformation through makeup

from one gender to another.

for m2f includes false eyelashes. 

for f2m includes wool crepe

facial hair.                                               $125 & up * **

Wig & Hairpiece Styling

styling of wig or hairpieces for

cross gender transformation,theater,

photography and fantasy                        $50 & up **

* For outcalls, travel fees depend on location

** Hairpieces, False Eyelashes & Prosthetics available for custom order