Oui, Three Queens Productions

M”You’re Pretty…We’ll Make You Flawless!”

Makeup Artistry
Skin Care &
Beauty Makeup
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Beauty Portfolio

Basic Beautification

beauty makeup application

based on one hour                                              $75*


Airbrush Makeup

beauty makeup applied

with airbrush                                                      $125 & up*


Makeup 101

individual step-by-step makeup

instruction and application 

based on one hour                                             $125*


Makeup Party

either a group seminar style

to answer questions about 

makeup techniques and demonstrate

on models from the group, or

one-on-one with each guest.                           $125/hr*


False Eyelash Application

application of false eyelashes

for an evening or event                                  $20 & up**


Pro Makeup Services

makeup application for professional

Photoshoots, fashion, film and internet

Productions                                                        As Quoted                                                                          or $500/day


* for outcalls, travel fee depends on location

** false eyelashes available for purchase